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Name - "Tsuruga Ren" // Hizuri Kuon
Subject - Speech and Drama
Background -
Despite wealthy and influential parents, Kuon's life was hardly ideal. Devoted to the idea of acting, he struggled to pave his way into the acting world much like his parents did. However, every effort he made resulted in failure often causing him to lash out in anger and violence. Finally, he left , changing his name in order to make a fresh start. He is now Tsuruga Ren, a teacher at Median's High School For Boys And Girls, taking small acting jobs on the sly, trying to make his fortune.
Details -
- His hair is originally blond. He dyes it regularly.
- He keeps in contact with Lory, a top executive in the acting business
- He quit smoking at the age of 17
- He lost his first kiss to a man (by accident)
- He has a Japanese accent, but not a strong one and often Japanese culture flies over his head.
- He hasn't spoken to his parents in years.
- He is a stickler with work, earning a reputation with the children as "the kindly-looking demon"
- His looks, however, charm girls on sight.
- He has zero romantic experience.
- He's only 20 years old, despite his height.
- He spends a lot of time in the teacher's lounge, but he interacts with them only when deemed suitably social and outgoing.


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